Color Code Closet: 5 Easy Steps to Organize by Color

Creating a flawlessly organized closet is just the beginning of your style journey, but maintaining that pristine order and ensuring every item finds its rightful place can be quite the fashion challenge. To steer clear of confusion and the dreaded urge to toss garments randomly, it is paramount to embrace an organizational method that effortlessly sticks in your mind.

For many fashion-savvy individuals, the ultimate solution lies in the art of color-coding clothes. This ingenious approach not only banishes clutter but also injects a mesmerizing aesthetic into your sacred closet space. If you yearn to infuse your wardrobe with the captivating allure of a rainbow color scheme and revel in the visual symphony it imparts to your closet, heed the expert wisdom encapsulated in these following steps.

Step 1: Empty Your Closet Completely

Empty closet

Begin by removing every single item from your closet. Yes, that means every hanging dress, neatly folded pair of pants, and even those bins overflowing with accessories. Creating an empty canvas allows you to envision and implement your personalized approach to color coding clothes.

Step 2: Sort and Simplify

Sorting clothes in your closet

After clearing out your closet, meticulously sort your belongings into two distinct piles – one for keeping and the other for donating. Chances are you'll come across forgotten treasures or items you haven't worn in ages. If they no longer serve a purpose or fail to ignite joy, bid them farewell.

Step 3: Embrace the Power of Colors

Color coded closet

Now comes the exciting part where you can commence the art of color coding clothes. Organize your garments into color-specific piles, ranging from vibrant reds to lush greens, serene blues to sunny yellows. Pay no heed to fabric, length, or garment type – focus solely on color. In the case of multicolored clothing items that defy categorization on a traditional color wheel, you have two options. Either dedicate a separate section of your closet to them or place them within the color pile that most closely aligns with their predominant hue.

For added precision, consider creating additional color-coded sections for different garment types, such as shirts, blouses, and sweaters. This approach proves especially beneficial if you possess an extensive wardrobe and a generously sized closet that can accommodate distinct hanging rods for each garment category.

Step 4: Curate Your Closet's New Order

Organized color coded closet by Closet Intuition

Once you've skillfully color coded your clothes, it's time to curate their arrangement within your closet. While the rainbow color order remains a popular choice, remember that personal preferences may lead you down a different path. For inspiration, consult an online color wheel specifically tailored to clothing in closet spaces. After deciding on the desired sequence, proceed to hang your meticulously sorted piles one at a time.

Step 5: Elevate the Organization

Organized closet by Closet Intuition

Color coding clothes offers more than just visual harmony; it can be taken a step further with careful attention to detail. Once your garments are hanging in their designated color-coded sections, seize the opportunity to arrange them thoughtfully within each category.

The method you choose is entirely up to you – you might opt to arrange them by length, with shorter pieces on one end and longer ones on the other, or perhaps by fabric type, placing lighter fabrics on one side and heavier garments on the opposite. Alternatively, you could organize your attire by occasion, with casual ensembles separated from more formal attire.

Color-coding clothes is the ultimate solution for fashion-savvy individuals who desire an organized and visually appealing closet. By following the 5 easy steps outlined above, you can transform your wardrobe into a captivating display of colors, ensuring easy access and a harmonious aesthetic. Elevate your closet organization with Closet Intuition and unlock the full potential of your stylish sanctuary!

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