From Day to Night: Transitional Outfit Ideas by Jessica Armstrong

Day to night fashion is a must for those of us leading busy lives! The goal is a look that effortlessly takes us from our casual or corporate look of the day to a fun style that is appropriate for night.  I am going to share my pro tips for seamlessly transitioning outfits from daytime activities to evening events.  Whether you're heading to work, a lunch date, or a night out on the town, my insights will help you elevate your style game without breaking a sweat!


For a timeless and versatile look, I recommend starting with a classic blazer. Pair it with tailored trousers and a crisp white shirt during the day for a polished office look. When evening falls, simply swap the trousers for a sleek pair of dark wash jeans or a chic skirt. Add some statement jewelry, a clutch, and you're ready for a night out with friends.




Every woman should have a little black dress (LBD) in her wardrobe, and my tip is to choose one that's versatile enough for both day and night. During the day, layer it with a cardigan or cropped casual jacket and a pair of fashion sneakers. For the evening, ditch the outer layer, slip into some stylish heels or platforms, and accessorize with bold jewelry. The LBD can effortlessly take you from casual daytime errands to a cocktail party.




Denim is a wardrobe staple, and it can be effortlessly transitioned for various occasions. I recommend starting with a comfortable pair of jeans and a casual top for daytime wear. To switch to a nighttime look, throw on a funky blouse, swap your sneakers for ankle boots, and add some eye-catching accessories for a chic and edgy vibe.




Maxi dresses are not just for beach vacations. I suggest choosing a maxi dress with a simple design and neutral colors. During the day, wear it with sandals and a floppy hat for a laid-back, boho look. In the evening, add a tailored blazer or a leather jacket, some strappy heels, and chic jewelry to transform it into a sophisticated outfit.



To ensure your wardrobe is ready for day to night looks you must invest in layers & accessories!  You should absolutely experiment with layers like vests, kimonos, & jackets of varying cuts. These can be added or removed depending on the time of day and the formality of your plans. Accessories easily transform a look because they can be subtle or dramatic- be sure to invest in delicate jewelry and fun statement pieces.  Lastly, your bag is an important detail that can make the look or throw it off completely.  You want to have a variety to choose from that varies in fabric, texture, color, and style. Paying attention to all these details allows you to stay comfortable while looking stylish from dawn to dusk.


Remember that confidence is the ultimate accessory, so embrace your personal style and let your clothing choices reflect your unique personality. Whether you're attending meetings, grabbing coffee with friends, or enjoying a night out, these tips will keep you looking your best no matter the time of day. So, go ahead and conquer the world, one outfit at a time!

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