Top Summer Travel Destinations and What You Must Pack!

Summer is here, and the world is calling us to explore its beauty! As the days get warmer and longer, it's the perfect time to plan an exciting summer vacation. Whether you're seeking pristine beaches, urban adventures or a blend of cultures, we have the top summer travel looks for you.  To ensure you travel in style, Jessica Armstrong, the renowned fashion stylist and founder of Closet Intuition, brings you her expert recommendations from our Spring Summer 2023 collections for men and women. Let's dive into the perfect travel wardrobe for your dream vacation!



Beach Paradise: Maldives



I know many of you will find yourselves on the shores of the Maldives, surrounded by crystal-clear waters and pristine white sand beaches. For the ultimate beach getaway, Jessica suggests packing chic swimsuits, cover-ups, and wide-brimmed hats from our Spring Summer 2023 Women's collection. For men, opt for stylish board shorts and lightweight linen shirts from our Men's Spring Summer Collection. Ladies, visit our Jet Setting Collection to pick-up some of these faves such as the Strapless Maxi DressRebecca One-Piece & must have Gigi packable straw bucket hat.  And guys you’ll also find must haves in the Jet Setting Collection, such as our Linen Button-Down Shirt & Palm Tree Swim Trunks.  Don't forget to accessorize with comfortable & stylish sandals by United Nude & our many accessories for an Instagram-worthy beach look that will keep you feeling cool and confident.

Urban Adventure: Barcelona, Spain



Barcelona is a city that captivates with its rich history, awe-inspiring architecture, and vibrant culture. To stay fashionable while exploring the bustling streets of Barcelona, Jessica recommends our Spring Summer Collections for Women & Men, featuring versatile outfits that exude effortlessly chic style. For women, pack the 80’s Crop Set, Deep-V Bodysuit & Cut-out Tank Dress for roaming the streets during the day.  Transition into night by slipping into our sleek Champagne Dress or 80’s Linen Blazer with our Western Boots. Men can opt for smart-casual ensembles, focusing on lightweight button-downs such as our Striped Knit Polo & Graphic Button-Down Shirts, paired with the Peck or Wasson hat by Gladys Tamez.  Once night rolls around change into an edgier vibe with our Voyage Set by Tell The Truth. The Spring Summer Collections strike the perfect balance between fashion and functionality for your urban adventure!

Tropical Adventure: Bali, Indonesia



Bali's tropical paradise is a haven for relaxation and adventure. To make the most of your Bali trip, pack lightweight, breathable, and stylish outfits that reflect the island's vibrant atmosphere. From our Spring Summer 2023 Collection, women can choose beautiful vintage pieces in boho prints, while men can opt for casual linen shirts & quirky board shorts, and the Wa sandal by United Nude. Remember to bring a wide-brimmed hat and plenty of sunscreen to shield yourself from the tropical sun!

Fashion Capital: Paris, France



For fashion enthusiasts, a trip to Paris, France, is a dream come true. As you explore the city of lights and haute couture, channel your inner style icon with selections from our Spring Summer 2023 Collection. For women, Jessica recommends cutting-edge looks such as our Onyx Denim Set, our Casual Onsie for sightseeing & of course the necessary staple - our Oversized Blazer.  Be sure to shop our Women’s Spring Summer Shoe Collection for the perfect statement to complete your looks and capture Paris's timeless charm. Men can embrace French fashion with statement ensembles such as our Beverly Set  & Doze Puffer Set. Prepare to make a fashionable statement amidst Paris's sophisticated streets.

As you embark on your summer travel adventures, let Closet Intuition be your fashion companion. Jessica Armstrong's expert recommendations will ensure you'll have the perfect attire for every destination! Don’t forget to pack all the travel styling tools to keep your ensembles fresh!!  Visit our website to curate your dream summer wardrobe!


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